PDO Thread Lifting


▪ facial, neck and décolletage lines and wrinkles
▪ sagging chin, jawline, neck and cheeks, brows
▪ crows feet, under eyes, upper eyes and tear trough
▪ lip and marionette lines and nasolabial folds


▪ for knees and thighs
▪ upper arms and stomach

In your consultation for the treatment, I will discuss the options available, your suitability for the procedure and your desired outcomes.
I will also assess the areas that you would like to be treated, and take details of your medical history.

For your peace of mind in particular, I am happy to discuss any concerns you have about the procedure. You can have all the time you need, in order you can be sure that any decision you make is right for you.

The dissolvable threads are made of PDO (polydioxanone), a biodegradable and biocompatible material used safely in medicine for many years.

The threads lift and tighten the skin, reduce crepey skin wrinkles and tightens pores.

Smooth Mono and screw threads add volume under the skin to tighten sagging, smooth lines and wrinkles, and strengthen the skin overall. (Think of it like adding feathers to a limp pillow to fluff it up.) There’s little to no downtime, it’s (nearly) pain-free, and it’s affordable…

Smooth threads are absorbable surgical polydioxanone (PDO) threads that can be used virtually anywhere on the face or body. Thinner than hair and made of protein, the threads are inserted below the skin to elicit a mild injury that the body responds to by adding structural proteins (fibrin, elastin, collagen), resulting in a smoother, plumper appearance.

This includes your lip area, eye area to treat crow’s-feet and saggy skin, the forehead to treat the “11” lines and around the mouth for marionette lines.  Smooth PDO threads can complement (or be used in place of) Botox, as an alternative more natural look…

For heavier lifting (like a facelift effect), some patients opt for cogging threads. These sutures tend to be larger and have cogs etched into them, to lift Jaw, Face, Jowl and Neck..

Smooth PDO threads for areas of tired, crepey skin, common around the eyes, the upper lip, the hollows of the cheeks, under the chin and around the mouth

This treatment is so great because it’s very versatile—you can really get this treatment anywhere on the face or body where you need a little tightening or smoothing or lifting.

With cogging lift threads results are seen straight away. For smooth PDO Threads improvement will come as the thread dissolves and the body lays down new collagen, elastin and fibrin. It takes about four weeks to see the first results, they can be repeated 4-6 monthly to keep skin plump.

A big hit with celebrities across the globe, PDO threads can be combined with Plasma Fibroblast, Facials, Skin Peels, Microneedling and Profhilo.

PDO thread-lifting is a quick, safe and effective treatment for creating youthful-looking skin in the face, neck and body. Collagen building and lifting. Always wear a good full spectrum UV defense throughout the year daily, to protect and prevent UV damage collagen breakdown, pigmentation and UV Radiation skin ageing.

Thread lift neck
Many types of threads for different areas
Many types of threads for different areas
Thread lift neck & jaw
Thread lift neck & jaw


For further information about Honey Derma PDO Threads, message, email or book to see me for a free consultation