Red Vein, Skin Tag, Skin Lesion Removal
Carrie Aesthetic Trainer at a London Aesthetic Trade show

I use a mix of Thermo-sclerosis by PhysioSKIN and RF Thermolysis and diathermy to remove skin blemishes such as red veins, skin tags, milia and many skin lesions. These skin imperfections can be caused by a variety of reasons: hormones, sun damage, smoking, alcohol, extremes of temperature, friction etc.

What happens during the treatment

A tiny probe is used to send a burst of radio frequency or diathermy energy (heat) into or onto the blemish depending on the machine I use and the procedure. This results in cauterisation, coagulation or thermo-sclerosis of the blemish producing long lasting, effective results.

How many treatments will I require

Sometimes a single treatment is all that is necessary, although skin must not be over-treated and sensitivity and size of area has to be taken into account. I will advise you of this, a treatment plan is often required especially for red vein removal.

Does the treatment hurt

Each procedure is different and individual people have a different pain threshold. A slight stinging sensation is commonly experienced but this is short lived. A numbing cream will be used to make the procedure comfortable.

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