Chemical SKIN PEELS are chemo exfoliants that act, according to their intensity, at different depth levels both on dermis and epidermis, inducing a dermal matrix renovation process. The result of this process is the appearance of regenerated skin, with more elasticity, luminosity, softer, with a homogenous tone and texture, as well as the improvement of the mechanical qualities of the skin.

Mesotherapy and Peptides are 100% authentic and come from L’esthetic Paris, French quality, Pharmaceutical grade, depending on skin condition and problems, products are tailored to each individuals needs.

Skin Peel Combined with Microneedling or applied through Nappage Mesotherapy Followed by Cooling Nourishing Facial Mask & Sunblock

L’esthetic Paris Peels, Mesotherapy, Fillers and Slim Body for excess stubborn fat and cellulite

Anti ageing skin peel containing 15% TCA. This skin peel will rejuvenate, brighten and smooth the skin. This is a medical grade peel, expect some down time during the active peeling stage over a few days. Protect fresh rejuvenated skin with broad spectrum UV protection. Anti-ageing, rejuvenating greatly improve the texture of skin. Skin products will become more effective

L’ESTHETIC MESO uses the highest standards of ingredients. Vitamins, natural extracts, essential elements, organic silicon, pure hyaluronic acid are part of formulations 

L’ESTHETIC Skin Peels effectively address ageing skin, pigmentation and acne

L’ESTHETIC PARIS offer a full range of products that cover face, body and hair, professional and home treatments. Our treatments are tailor-made for each patient. All treatments have been tested for maximum safety, effectiveness and pain reduction. 

Light and Medium Skin Peels can be combined with Skin Needling and Mesotherapy via needles for enhanced skin improvements, pigmentation, scaring and congestion